Motiv Rogue Blade



Motiv Rogue Blade Bowling Ball
Color: Red/Black
Coverstock: Hexion SE
Weight Block: Sigma
Factory Finish: 4000 Grit LSS
Flare Potential: 5″+
Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs – 2.48; 15lbs – 2.47; 14lbs – 2.50
Differential (Diff): 16lbs – 0.041; 15lbs – 0.047; 14lbs – 0.044
Intermediate Differential (Diff): N/A
Fragrance: N/A
Additional product information:

One of the most trusted cores in bowling is now being combined with a groundbreaking new cover in the MOTIV® Rogue Blade™. This strong, angular weapon for medium oil slices through the competition. The Rogue Blade™ masterfully combines outstanding control in the mid-lane with a powerful response down lane.

The proven Sigma™ core has been a favorite amongst competitive and casual bowlers for years due to its versatility and incredible power. Masterfully merging a moderate differential with a low RG, it provides the Rogue Blade™ with easy revs and outstanding control in the mid-lane.

The Rogue Blade™ is wrapped with MOTIV®’s new Hexion™ SE (Strength Enhanced) cover stock. This new shell builds upon the original angular Hexion™ cover with powerful new technology. Hexion™ SE is stronger in the oil and provides a faster response (more angular motion) down lane. The result is a substantially stronger motion than the original Hexion™ without sacrificing any angle.

The Rogue Blade™ comes at a 4000 grit finish. When polished this piece is incredibly fast response and when dull it is controllable and strong. The 4000 grit finish gives the bowler an outstanding control without sacrificing great angularity.



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